My name is Colin unwin I was born in Manchester, UK in 1947. I worked as a car mechanic for 17 years then worked in an engineering factory for 22 years and I am now currently working at Rochdale fire station.

During the 60s me and my friend used to go to the oasis coffee bar (dive bar) twice a week just off albert square in Manchester. The resident band was Wayne Fontana and the mind benders.

There where famous bands on every week including hermans hermits, the big three, screeming lord sutch, gerry and the pacemakers, the swinging blue jeans and many more....

One night whilst we where at the coffee bar we checked to see who was doing a gig the following week and it were the Beatles.

The week soon past, me and barry whittle (my friend) set off by bus at the usual time to get to the coffee bar but when we arrived at albert square we saw people queing all along llyod street up albert square and all down queen street, they were queing for the beatles, we had never seen anything like it before for any other band, never ever, all that we could do is go back home due to the amount of people, it was surreal.

Over the next few years I came to realise that there would never ever be a band as big as the Beatles.

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