Cynthia at Woolworths

When Cynthia Powell met john at the art college and they started dating it was too much of a drag travelling back home across the Wirral all hours of the night, so she got a bedsit in garmore road not far from penny lane where she could be closer to john and the art college.

To earn some money she got a job at Woolworths on allerton road near Penny lane roundabout, she worked on the cosmetic counter and every Friday would ask the forelady was it ok to leave early the forelady would say I suppose so and look straight away at the double fronted glass windows of the shop to see a dark figure of a man stood with his back to the windows waiting for Cynthia (it was john).

They would walk to the next block which led to penny lane roundabout and get a bus to church road to the roundabout at the top of church road and call into their favourite cinema which is now a super market, just across from Arnold grove where George lived.

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