The Beatles fight at litherland town hall

On the 30th January 1961 the Beatles did a gig at the litherland town hall in seaforth. The town hall had a bad reputation for being rough place, fights were very common here.

When the Beatles had finished on stage that night they helped Neil aspinall load there equipment into the van through a fire door at the back of the stage, Stuart Sutcliffe was on his own outside the hall when a gang of teddyboys came up to him, they punched and kicked him to the ground, when john had heard what was going on he ran outside and started to fight off the men, he ended up with a broken finger and a sprained wrist, Pete best decided to jump in and the fight quickly broke up. When they took Stuart home to his mothers house at 37 Aigburth drive he collapsed covered in blood his face black and blue.

On the 10th April 1962 Stuart tragically died of a brain haemorrhage in Hamburg when he was on his way to the hospital, he was just 21 years young.

I visit Stuarts grave in huyton cemetery regularly, his body was brought back to Liverpool and buried in his church grounds, I visit litherland town hall, his flat at 53 Ullet road and also drop in on his family home at 37 Aigburth drive just across from Sefton park.

I videotaped litherland town hall many years ago, climbing onto the original stage where the band played in the 60s and walking into the changing room in which the Beatles used in 1961, I filmed the car park where Stuart and the rest of the Beatles got attacked, it was just one of the tough areas where teddyboys hung out looking for trouble.

I was outside videoing lathem hall (which is just down the road from litherland town hall) Brian the club owner came out and asked why I was filming the building I told him the Beatles had played here many times in the 60s, he asked would I like to come and have a look around inside where the band once played and the door in which they used to use to load their gear in the van, so i sat down looking at where the stage used to be and the door that they used to get there equipment back into the club.

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