In the 60s I would get in my morris minor and drive to Liverpool and drive round the cobbled streets thinking that they could live there or there.

Years passed and my intrest grew stronger, I started saving newspaper cuttings that told me street names and places that the Beatles lived and places they had played as children.

12 years ago I bought an a-z map of liverpool, pin pointed forthin road, mendips and penny lane etc, jumped into my car and never stopped going to all the address getting to know more and more about the starting of the beatles.

I found out where the clubs they played at and i still visit all the schools, coffee bars and pubs they called in reliving the early years of John, Paul, George, Ringo, Stuart and Pete.

The streets sang out to me every time I was in liverpool, the lyrics to there songs are set in stone is elenor rigbys grave, penny lane roundabout with the barbers shop still selling photographs, the bank on the corner and the firestation which I call into now and again to have a cup of tea with the firefighters.

I have walked down Mather avenue, up wheatcroft road and through the park along the path onto menlove avenue, video taping everystep because this is the route that Paul McCartney would take to get to johns house and vice versa with there guitars slung over there shoulders.

And walking through Woolton village past Johns favourite baths, where he was a member just passed the little shops.......John was commonly seen cycling round Wollton village with his pants tucked into his socks and his harmonica stuck out of his back pocket, just round the corner from the shops is St Peters church where John was a member of the choir and in his younger days he used to sit in front of Eleanor Rigbys headstone because he couldn.t understand the word .ASLEEP.....that was etched into the headstone.

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