I was seen that often walking the streets asking people about the beatles that my passion for the beatles shone through that much that the national trust gave me the job of standing in as the custodian at mendips (john lennons old house) for two years and I have also stood in for my good friend john halliday who does a very good job as the custodian at 20 forthin road who has been there longer than the mccartneys lived there for.

I take friends on my own magical history tours around all the sights and always the last stop is Stuart Sutcliffe.s grave at huyton cemetery where we pay our respect to the unsung hero.

I am glad that i caught roseberry street on film which has now been pulled down, this is the street that john lennon played his guitar on the back of a flat back truck with the quarrymen on june 22 1957, they had to stop playing half way through and run because some teddyboys wanted a fight with john, a policeman walked the quarrymen to a bus stop to get them home.

I also filmed litherland town hall before the builders moved in years later (in 2005) to rip out the old stage, changing rooms and dance floor to change it into a walk in clinic, I caught the builders on film altering the whole inside of st peters church hall in woolton village, I called in every week for months and sat down with them telling them stories about the music that went on in this great place, in return they gave me bits and pieces from the hall that was about to be skipped and never to be seen again. Years later a programme on the BBC called .inside out. phoned me up and asked if they could have a copy of the video which I gladly obliged.

The video shows litherland town hall in the dance hall, in the dressing room and on the stage.

The filming also shows Roseberry street as it was before the houses were pulled down, also on the film is the inside of st peters church hall when the builders were there working on the interior.

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