Mr Kite

On one of my visits to Liverpool I bought a few post cards with the famous picture of the Victorian poster of Pablo fanques circus, which john Lennon bought from a junk shop in sevenoaks kent when he was filming. John used a lot of information from the poster to make the lyrics for the benefit of Mr Kite, the song used in sgt peppers album.

When I read the poster I noticed at the top that the circus was being held at town-medows in Rochdale, I live and work in Rochdale at the fire station which is a stones throw away from town-medows. I went down to town-medows the very next day to take some pictures and told the Rochdale observer newspaper about what I had found out, they couldn't belive it and gave it front cover news.

Touchstone looked up in there archives for information about the circus and found that in feb 1843 (as it said on the poster) last night but three being for the benefit of mr kite.

But two months before that it was for the benefit of somebody else, a different name entirely, the touchstones Rochdale museum have the original poster that is dated the months before Mr Kites name was immortalised.

Just a thought but if that junk shop owner in kent had bought the circus poster for the month earler or the month later than Feb 1843 then maybe the song could have been for the benefit of someone else.

The rochdale observer put a part of this story on its web page and a few months later I received a phone call from a mr kite who lives in wiltshire telling me about the possibilties of his family being linked to james kite who was born in gloucestershire in 1780 and moved to lancashire (he belives) in around 1814.

James kite had an older brother called charles and the name of charles kite has been traced back to st marys parish church in todmordon, where in 1796 he got married, Todmordon lies just 7 miles away from town-medows in rochdale.

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