John & Pauls Park

I wondered through Calderstone Park just recently to see the spots that are connected to John Lennon and Paul McCartney; I came across the children's play area that Sir Paul had donated some years ago dedicated to Linda McCartney.

When the day for the unveiling came the TV cameras and newspaper reporters where there, cameras fixed in position at the direction of the car park waiting for Sir Paul to arrive, there was no sign of him as they waited, then all of a sudden they got a tap on the shoulder and Sir Paul had come up behind them, the press asked him how he got there, he said I used to play in this park as a kid, I know every tree in this park.

Not far from the car park, one of the concrete paths sloping down the low lying fields is where John Halliday met Paul McCartney with Jane Asher taking Marther (Paul's dog) for a walk.

It was in the early sixties, when John Halliday was working as one of the gardeners to the park, his mate who he was working with John spotted Paul and shouted out "theres one of the Beatles", John Halliday immediately threw his shovel down and walked over to the path where Paul, Jane and Martha had stopped, Paul talked to John for ages about their new record coming out soon as John stroked Martha Paul Patted Martha on the back and there hands met on the back of the famous dog, after a while John realised he better get back to work.....John left Paul Jane and Martha on that path, i asked John could i take a photo of John with his dog molly at that spot on the path where he talked to Paul and jane.

Later on when John got park, his mum said to him "what and you didn't get his autograph". On the far side of the lake lies a grassy field that slopes down to the lake, John Lennon and his mates Pete Shotton, Len Garry and Bill Turner used to meet on their bikes here, they nicked named this spot "The Bank", it had a good view of the boating lake, the surrounding fields and the big Victorian house which is partly now the cafe.

They picked this high ground because they had the advantage to spot anybody walking up to them, because this was the place where they could sing the latest pop songs what they had heard on the wireless, while John blew away on his harmonica, if anybody approached them they would stop the singing and John would stick his harmonica back in his pocket.

The other main entrance to Calderstone park was on Harthill road, this entrance is called the four seasons, it is across the road from Quarry Bank grammar school, where John Lennon attended for five years...... and hated every minute of it.

John used to meet all his school chums in the morning at these gates before they went into school and John would entertain them as he stood on the low lying wall in-between the statues that stood at the side of main gates....

Not far from Calderstone road entrance to the park just a short walk into the park is the Allerton oak, this great ancient tree stands on its own with cast iron railings all around it with a plaque stating that the tree is a thousand years old.

Its said that John Lennon when he was a young lad came up to this tree and plucked a leaf from a branch and said "one day i will be the most famous man in the world."

So if you stumble upon this great tree snatch a leaf and make a wish and it might come true like Johns did.

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