Ringos Dingle

I visit Margrete Grose who lives at Ringos old house at 10 Admiral Grove, Ringo and his mum moved here from just across the road from No9 Madrym Street because it got to dear for them to live there.

My friend Terry who i had meet through our intrest in the beatles, Terry is that much of a fanatic of the Beatles that he has had his whole celler in his house done out like the Cavern club and had Walter Kershaw paint a full wall of the Beatles playing on stage at the Cavern club and music playing in the background, its that exact that the only thing that is missing the cigarette smoke. Terry and me presented Margrete with a print painting done by Walter Kershaw, the very famous wall mural painter who has done paintings all over the world, Walter had done a painting of the early Beatles as they played at the Cavern club and gave it to Terry, we then presented Margrete with this framed painting to which she was delighted and i put it on the wall, prime place over the fire place in the front room.

The Dingle Run

In the 60s so the story goes when the Beatles had finished doing there gig for the night, they drove home in the van with all there equipment and drop of members of the band were they lived, in the 60s Ringos house was in a rough area called the Dingle, where teddyboys hung out on every street corner waiting for trouble, so when Ringo was dropped off after being paid for the gig his pocket would be bulging with money 7/6 old money or 37.5p new money, so when they pulled up in there van and dropped Ringo off John, Paul and George said that Ringo had to do the Dingle run to his house (legging it) so he wouldn't be robbed.

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